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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  March 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland, now don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news, from wjz's news team, your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is the top of the hour and spring has begun with showers, meaning damp pavement or fog may delay your day start. there is heavy fog on the eastern shore. our school delays or now running on the bottom of your screen. smash sharon will have the latest on traffic, it is bernadette woods info the vacationing marty bass. >> good morning, everybody, the first day of spring. a couple of showers and a few thunderstorms, a lot more west making its way down toward dc
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and annapolis and pg county and that is going to county on and off through the day. one shower around westminster, other than that there is drizzle in between these batches and farther south a few showers and thunderstorms south of gaithersburg and rockville right now. let's switch it over and show you temperatures. it is warm this morning. 61 degrees. we have got 50s on the eastern shore, 50s in the mountains and 60s or upper 50s in the immediate metro area. through the afternoon a few peaks of sunshine but also again the chance for a shower or thunderstorm through the afternoon hours. we are going up into the 70s. this warmth is going to continue for the 5 day draft. we will have that shortly, don. >> sthapg you. how is the rushing? here is sharon. >> traffic is slowing down. there is a traffic drag going on between 100 and 32, prior to
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the funeral procession headed down to arlington national cermet tore, you can see it is slowing things down, slower than usual traffic on the west side, average speed now 37 miles per hour so keep in mind an early delay there with a 17 minute drive time. remember wjz 13 is always on, so for traffic information yeafn team you can always log onto where don back over to you. >> thank you and here is what people are talking about and dealing with right now, as sharon just said the funeral procession is underway for a soldier murdered in afghanistan. monique griego has the story. >> reporter: the procession for major robert merchanti is headed for arlington national cemetery where he will be buried with honors. a final goodbye to a fallen hero. he was murdered last month in afghanistan, leaving a wife and 4 children behind. >> he went there to provide for
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our family and serve his country and he did it until the very end. >> his job was a mentor, he worked alongside of and with the afghans to help them improve their operations. >> but one of them gunned him down. in the wake of the military's burning of the copies of the koran a riot swept the country, there were attacks on nato troops, marchanti was one of two u.s. soldiers assassinated by the police officers, who is still at large. >> i hope if the military is watching this or whoever it is that goes out and is looking for the man that did this to my father, i hope they find that yard and take that coward and take care of him. >> the family is focused on his legacy. >> my dad was the perfect image of love. >> the way he showed the boys how to treat a woman and be a good husband that is what i will remember most. >> the governor has ordered that flags be flown at half
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staff today in honor of major marchanti, back to you. >> that procession is expected to affect traffic throughout the morning commute as it makes its way to arlington national cemetery. sharp will keep us updated. new details are emerging about the american soldier suspected of going on a shooting rampage in afghanistan. sergeant robert bales owes a million and a half dollars from a fraud case in 2003 in the state of ohio where he worked as a financial consultant. he is accused of slaughtering 16 afghan civilians weekend before last. yesterday bales met with his new defense attorney, john henry brown for the first time. brown says the soldier has a cloudy memory of the night of that massacre. >> -- absolutely has no memory of -- he has app an early memory of that evening and a later memory of that evening but he doesn't have memory of in between. >> so far no charges have been filed against sergeant bales that is expected to come later
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this week, perhaps as early as today or tomorrow. in florida the federal justice department is investigating the fatal shooting of a teenager by a neighborhood watch captain, george zimmerman says he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. martin turned out to be unarmed, newly released 911 tapes contain a panicked voice yelling for help. >> and is it a male or -- >> it sounds like a male. >> and you don't know why? >> i don't know why. i think they are yelling help but i don't know. just send someone quick. they shot. >> police have not charged zimmerman with anything, saying there are no grounds to disapprove his story right now. back here a large group descends on downtown baltimore sending visitors and others into a panic. and when it is all over almost a dozen teenager have been arrested, as kai jackson explains police fear that mob may have been organized on social media. >> reporter: calm in and around the inner harbor was shattered saturday night when hundreds of
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teenagers converged downtown in a large area from the block to first mariner arena, this is video of a gathering in november last year, police say like others this recent incident turned violent and investigators believe it was organized on line using facebook. >> really from different neighborhoods across the area and fought over trivialsilly things. >> he watched it unfold. >> they ran around scared. >> they used a taser and a teen was taken to the hospital. >> stabbed in the arm of a result of a petty dispute. she met up with another group of girls from a different school, they exchanged words, it turned physical. >> the inner harbor is the crown jewel. concern over the possible loss of tourists down here because of problems is so critical none of the many businesses we contacted wanted to go on camera to talk about it. the fighting in this video happened after the 4th of july fireworks last year on the same
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night a child was hurt by a stray bullet and a father was murdered. the ha harbor is the economic engine and the mayor says it is a priority. >> i am committed to making sure it is safe for our citizens as well as visitors, it is a trademark and i am going to protect it. >> monday was a contrast with what happened over the weekend, calm at the inner harbor and the surrounding streets. kai jackson reporting, back to you. >> thank you, kai. police have video from the night and are reviewing it as they continue to investigate. this morning city police are also looking for the person responsible for a fatal shooting in east baltimore. it happened near pratt and joplin. police say a man was shot in the chest and died. they do not have a suspect or motive. homicide continues to investigate. dozens of students are recovering after three school buses collide. it happened after the buses left frederick douglas high school. they were in a line at a traffic light when one rear ended another, causing that bus
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to hit a third and a chain reaction accident. the accident sent 34 students to hospitals with what turned out to be minor injuries. voters in illinois will cast ballots in today's primary for the republican candidate they want to take on the sitting president. susan mcginness follows campaign 2012 for wjz. >> reporter: rick san santorum is defending comments he made in illinois. >> we need a candidate who is going to get up and fight for freedom and make that the central theme. i don't care what the unemployment rate is. it doesn't matter to me. >> the former senator says he would like a do over and try to explain what he meant. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate. i want it to go down but i am saying my candidacy doesn't hinge on, that our candy days candidacy is about something
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that strand transcends that, freedom. >> mitt romney tried to capitalize on it. >> one of them said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. i do care. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> the latest poll shows romney with a 14 point lead over santorum heading into today's illinois primary and romney is showing confidence in a win. >> together we are going to get this job done. i am going to get the nomination, we are going to defeat barack obama and take back this great country. >> romney has an advantage even before the polls open, santorum didn't file the necessary paperwork in four districts, making him him in in eligible for 10. >> cbs news says romney has 493
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of the 1144 of the delegates needed. this is the first day of the cherry blossom thanks to mother nature. they are blooming earlier than expected because of our mild winter weather. the average peak bloom date is normally april the 4th but this year's peak starts today. the cherry blossom festival also begins today and runs through april the 27th. turning to sports the university of maryland's women's basketball team is headed to the sweet 16, the lady terps took on louisville last night in college park and both teams seemed ready for a fight. in fact louisville had a 5 point lead with six minutes left to play but she would come through in the clutch, scoring stwhoar points, maryland wins 72-68 and move on to face texas a&m in the sweet 16 -- >> -- good luck -- >> -- lady terps. >> they are so good -- >> -- they are indeed.
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>> -- girls -- >> -- right here on wjz 13 -- >> -- that's correct -- >> -- ronster and dick -- >> -good morning -- >> -- just occurred to my yesterday, i was speaking with wjz's executive producer mitch friedman. >> uh-huh. >> peyton manning will be coming to mnt stadium -- >> yeah, we mentioned -- >> -- in about a month, we will keep you posted right here on the keen 13. you guys doing okay? >> all right, yeah -- >> -yeah -- >> -- in america, dick geflman -- >> you are going to tell that to my family, too. >> they know that. >> they know that. >> great to see you. >> you too, we are getting ready for the ride. it is going to be another great year. >> it really is. two million dollars raised in 10 years in the fight against breast qanser. >> 12 years but you were close and that is -- >> yes, it is, don't let the
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facts -- >> no -- >> -- story, all right we are live with dick geflman ride across maryland when the eyewitness news morning edition
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hi, i am kileen from fairfax, virginia, good morning. >> good morning, we do have showers and thunderstorms, a couple of spotty showers in carroll county that will push southeast, more through the afternoon. flip it over and show you other than the showers and thunderstorms there is also fog out there. there is not a whole lot of wind out there to move things along and that is why visibility is so low. we are down to one mile in baltimore. down to zero in ocean city. you can see one for elkton and there. advisories already in effect. through the afternoon some sunshine mix in there as that
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fog starts to lift. temperature-wise with those clouds out there it is warm. 60 in baltimore, already 63 in dc. the entire eastern half of the country is incredibly warm so we are going to stay warm for the next few days because of this weather pattern we are in. here is where the cold air is. here is where the stormy weather is. and occasionally we are seeing energy break of this main storm track and move east and that is what is causing the scattered showers and storms. and you see not a whole lot out there and nothing to push it along because the storm track is locked up to the west. that is what we will see for the next couple of days. the forecast today 73 degrees, tonight we are going to drop down into the 50s. that is about it. still the chance for showers, thunderstorm and fog once again. then tomorrow right back up to the 70s, 73 degrees, again the chance of showers or thunderstorm and some fog to start out the day. by the time we hit thursday we are closer to 80, that continues for friday. we will see a better chance for showers and storms with this
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weather pattern breaking down this weekend but we are still in the 60s, don. >> thank you very much. it is 6:18 on the bottom of your screen tells the story of the delayed ride to school for some eastern shore students because of the fog. how about your ride? here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> hi, don, good morning, everyone, we will are looking at early delays this morning on knife as well as the west side of the beltway, there is the delay on 95, 14 minutes between the beltway and 32 on 95 southbound, this is partially due because of traffic drag that is just ahead of a funeral procession headed down to arlington national cemetery. meantime if you are headed on the west side of the beltway looking at delays there as well, 39 miles per hour is your average speed, a 16 minute drive time at this point, this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. back over to you. >> thank you. we are going to continue with our ride theme now and talk about the ride to cross
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maryland --- >> -- guys -- >> ---june -- >> -- doing all right -- >> -- fine -- >> -- morning, how are you? >> we are doing fabulous, the rain has stopped here -- >> -- warm out there -- >> -- pleasant. our friend dick gelfman, the ride across maryland, the 12th ride across maryland coming up june 2nd through the 4th, going toe ocean go to ocean city -- >> -- guess -- could you take a guess at who is going to be the mc, which draws the crowds, ron? >> i don't know who? >> if the name is matz and it is fast -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- does so that is one of the reasons -- >> -- joining us as well in columbia. >> yeah, denise has done it for 12 years too, she is there every year and welcoming the group that comes in and we are getting ready to ride. i mean we have given away right now about 2.3 million and now
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that we have begun as a grant making kind of organization we are -- very shortly, for example, at the end of this month, the beginning of april, we are announcing the grants for the first quarter of this year and it is organizations that do things like deal with families rather than just the patient, they deal with the needs of the families. a lot of people don't realize what a family has to go through, so they provide support to the family. another group, forecast, provides services to elderly women who may be widowed or otherwise alone and they need transportation and other kinds of things, so we are going to be announcing those shortly and i am sure you will put it on the air so that everybody knows. >> absolutely -- >> -- people want to find out about it go to our web site and you can find out not only who is getting the grants but find out how to apply for a grant. >> we will have the link at, the fight against breast cancer. when you started this 12 years ago did you ever imagine you were going to have all these
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people? you had 1400 riders last year. >> yeah, you know what we thought was if we gave away the first year 5 or 6 maybe thousand dollars we would be blessed by having done that, that first year we gave away 100,000 dollars and sat back and said you know something bikers really are the best, they are the most generous folks out there, they love to ride and benefit charities so we have been from that time up you foie to know to get to the point where we have given away well over 2 million dollars it is because of all the generous people that support us. >> let's talk about folks who want to register for the ride across maryland, june 2nd through the 4th. we will be in ocean city with you. >> just get to our website, go to ride across, you can hit a button that says donate or register, you can do a lot of things to help us out. but i know 13 is there covering everything. you know it is the reason for our success. people say why it is. i say it is because bikers and because we got 13 you know
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working with us, promoting that ride constantly. >> you talk about community commitment. 13 really has it, so it is really-it is why we are the success we are. >> we are proud to be a part of it and we love you. guys come on over. i want to introduce howard, david and our friend barb daniels here at the great daniels restaurant. barb, thanks for everything. >> anytime. it is a pleasure to be able to help dick and ride across maryland. >> howard, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. >> david good to see you. >> good to see you, if you kiss me again there is going to be a real problem. we thank you for everything that you do for ride across maryland. thanks very much. dick, we will talk to you. all right, bern, dofns, june 2nd through the 4th, see you in ocean city. >> give them another kiss for us over there. >> will do. take care. >> see you. >> i was having trouble
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figuring out who was kissing who there. >> marty is not here today but this is a huge event for him. he really does appreciate this and love being a part of it. >> yeah ride across if you are
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from 68 to 16, the first three rounds of the ncaa tournament are in the books and
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jessica kartalija is at to update the bracket challenge. >> reporter: good morning, the farther we get into the townment the more points you can earn but here is what we stand right now, in a tie for first place bernadette woods and mary bubala, adam may is in second and bob turk rounds out the tob. as for me, i may not be on the bobblehead leader board but still there somewhere. if you want to check the standings just come here to and click on the link at the top of the home page. back to you. >> i think i am still somewhere too. march madness continues this thursday night with the sweet 16, syracuse plays them and then the bottle of ohio around 9:30 thursday night. all live right here on wjz. and next up this morning here on wjz -- >> reporter: good morning, everyone. a fallen soldier is laid to rest. i am moppic craig craig, we
6:27 am
will have those have those details coming up. >> a push to legalize marijuana may have hit a majored road block. >> 25 years after surviving a bullet to the face gene cassidy finds his live is on the line again. >> i am mary bubala. how baltimore city police are helping one of their own. that story just ahead. >> and sharon gibala here with wjz traffic control. we are watching some early delays this morning. we will take a look at our speed sensors and cameras in a few. right now over to bernadette. >> good morning, everybody. i am in for marty bass this morning on a morning where we have got fog, a couple of showers, even a thunderstorm out there and it is warm. we will have that forecast coming up. don. >> -- title of neal mccoy's latest album.
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he joins us live -- joins us on coffee with. stay tuned. we will continue in a moment. at bank of america we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore the more we help make opportunity possible.
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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news from wjz's news team, your first warning weather, and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it is where wjz, maryland's news station. >> we have delays. sharon has traffic after bernadette woods in for marty bass over at first warning weather. >> we have had a few showers go through but the bulk has moved of to the south, thunderstorms and dc right now so a lot of that drifting south. however we could see a couple of more showers or thunderstorms through the afternoon. the other part of this it is
6:32 am
warm with that fog out there this morning. temperatures got stuck as that fog settled in. it is 60 degrees in baltimore, 63 in dc. even our cooler spots 50s in the mountains and 50s 50s along the water there, but 57 in bellaire this morning. some sunshine mixing with clouds but a chance of a thunderstorm this evening. it is getting up to 73, it is the first day of spring and feels like it and we will have your forecast coming up, don. >> thank you, the school delays on the bottom of your screen, other delays from sharon at wjz tv traffic control. >> good morning, don, we picked up three accidents since we spoke, one of them is there. another one in darlington, 136 at trap road. one in the city on cherry hill road. and early delays on 795, owings
6:33 am
mills, seven minutes at 38 miles per hour, 45 minutes, 48 miles per hour. there is a look, top sides still looking good, the west side at 33, there is a look at 95 southbound at 32 crawling the roads are also wet in that shot as well, this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. don, back over to you. >> thank you. at the top of the news this half-hour the final goodbye to a maryland soldier murdered in afghanistan is already underway and on the way to washington, d.c. wjz and monique griego are live along the beltway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, don, and good morning, everyone. the funeral procession began this morning in parkdale and is currently on its way to arlington national cemetery and that is where marchanti will be buried alongside thousands of other soldiers who have died for their country. a final goodbye to a fallen hero, robert marchanti is
6:34 am
honored at the church, a member of the national guard, he was murdered last month in afghanistan, leaving a wife and another children behind. >> he went there to provide for our family and to serve his country and he did it until the very end. >> his job was a mentor, he worked alongside of and with the afghans to help them improve their police operations. >> but one of those police officers gunned him down. in the wake of the military's burning of the copies of the koran a riot swept the country. there were attacks on nato troops. he was one of two soldiers assassinated by the afghan police officer, who is still at large. >> i hope if the military is watching this, and whoever it is that goes out and -- and is looking for the man that did this to my father, i hope they find that coward and take care of him. >> while the military searches for his killer, his family is focused on the legacy he leaves behind. >> my dad was the perfect image of love. >> the way he showed the boys in the family how to treat a
6:35 am
woman and how to be a good husband, undeniably is that what i will remember the most about my father. >> he will be buried with full honors. back to you. >> that procession is expected to affect traffic throughout the morning. the u.s. soldier accused of gunning down 16 civilians in afghanistan could be charged with a crime this week. sergeant robert bales met with his defense attorney for the first time since he returned to the united states yesterday. randall pinkston reports on what his wife is saying. >> reporter: moving trucks hauled away the contents of robert bales washington state home a week after his wife and two young children moved out. they now live on a military base. bales new home is at fort leavenworth, kansas, where he is being held in detention in connection with the deaths of afghan civilians. he met with his attorney for
6:36 am
the first time. he says his client was drinking but not drunk and also says he did not tell him what happened. >> he has an early memory of that evening and he has a later memory of that evening but he doesn't have memory of in between. >> we are also learning more about his previous legal troubles, accused of assaulting a girlfriend in 2002 and had to take an anger management course and cited for a hit-and-run doesn't and while working as a financial advisor he was accused of fraud. he was required to pay more than 1 million dollars but never did. >> the shooting strained already tense relations between them. on monday the white house again denounced the attack. >> the killing of these innocent afghan civilian was a tragic and terrible event and did not represent what our military stands for. >> bales wife says she can shed no light on the incident and
6:37 am
wants to know how it happened, in a statement she says what has been reported is completely out of character of the man i know and admire. the victims and their families are all in my prayers, as is my husband, who i love very much. at the white house randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> and even if bales is charged this week a trial could be months away. police in france continue their search for a serial killer this morning. he has killed three children and a teacher outside a jewish school yesterday morning in france of course. now police have connected him to two other shootings, saying the same gun was used to kill three solders soldiers. back here new calls to legalize medical marijuana in this state, as meghan mccorkell reports they are making their plea to lawmakers. >> reporter: advocates say it could improve the lives of
6:38 am
people suffering from chronic conditions but getting that passed may have hit a major road block. adam epstein suffers from tourette's syndrome. >> i have strong involuntary muscle spasms. >> he would come in and cry why me, why can't you do anything, why can't you help me. >> the only thing that eases his symptoms, medical marijuana. >> he doesn't shake it off and you know it can last him for a pretty good period of time, four or five days. >> now adam is speaking out, hoping they will pass legislation. he has got star power behind him. >> cannabis is a medical agent and gives relief to millions. >> montel williams urging them to legalize it but even if they do pass it the governor has said he would veto it this session. the administration worried state employees could face federal charges for distributing the drugs. >> at this point we are not
6:39 am
comfortable with legislation that would put state employees potentially at risk. >> delegate dan moorehiem working on amendments to ease those fears. >> my hope is that we will find a way to pass one of the recommended bills from the task force and hopefully the governor would sign it. >> adam epstein and his family eager for that day so he can find relief. >> things are going to take some time but i think eventually we will reach an agreement. >> those amendments that would protect state workers are expected to be drafted later today. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> 16 states and the district of columbia already have some form of legalized medical marijuana. a new plan could help homeowners save money, last night the mayor introduced a proposal to slash property tax by the year 2020. she is counting on money from a new slots parlor to pay for it, even though construction has not begun on it. the city council still has to vote on the tax reduction idea. a city police officer shot
6:40 am
more than two decades ago while on duty faces a new battle to survive this morning. as mary bubala explains though, fellow officers certainly have not forgotten gene cassidy. >> reporter: 25 years ago officer jean cassidy was shot fighting crime on the streets of the western district. he survived and thrived as a teacher at the police academy, even though a bullet to the face took his eyesight. now so many years later gene cassidy finds his life is on the line again. >> just pray and everything is fine. >> gene cassidy needs a liver transplant. >> this one is going to keep on for a hour. >> today the fra fraternal order are donating blood and offering support to him. he stopped by. >> almost 20 years ago he taught my class and his legacy i would like for him to continue on doing what he is doing. >> officers they are a family
6:41 am
and everybody here wants to help gene out and for some it is deeply personal. >> on the night in which he was shot he was working at 7:15 and i would have relieved him within an hour or two. >> lieutenant richard peel is a close friend of list and could make him a candidate for a living organ donation. >> for me it is not a sacrifice. it would be a great honor and privilege. >> i am overwhelmed and deeply touched. >> more than 100 people came by to donate blood and offer support. >> medical experts tell us the best candidates to become dopers are family members or close personal friends. turning to sports the nfl's premier free agent has a new home this morning. peyton manning has agreed to join the denver broncos. the all pro chose denver over tennessee and san francisco. this could end tim tebow's time there. denver does play the ravens
6:42 am
here this coming season so we will get to see payton in action as a bronco. >> could be interesting, the relationship between him and l.a. >> uh-huh. >> i am sure that had a big factor to do with it. >> john seems to attract a lot of talent there. >> as far as our weather goes we have had showers and thunderstorms, there is fog and it is warm. we are go to go up to the 70s, still a chance for a shower or thunderstorm and if you weren't aware today is the first day of spring, welcome to spring everybody. we will have your forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. and coming up on coffee with, it is neal mccoy, he has his first album out in years and will talk about it coming. shar
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♪ ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months.
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roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months. hi, my name is chris austin, good morning, wjz. >> good morning, chris, and good morning, everybody. and we do have a couple of showers, even a few thunderstorms out there this morning. if you are heading down to dc these really have come together into one big mass of thunderstorm, all moving to the south, other than that we have fog, low visibilities, we will show you those quickly, one mile in baltimore, below in on
6:46 am
the eastern shore, with all of this going on advisories are in effect. through the afternoon it is already warm and these temperatures are going up. it is pretty incredible. going back into the 70s as the warmth continues of the eastern half of the country. this is where the cold air is, this is where the stormy weather is and a few pieces of energy have broken off and caused a few showers around here, sort of meandering around and that is what we will see the next couple of days all the while remaining warm. there is your forecast. fog will form again, then tomorrow, a chance for a shower or thunderstorms, still fog around during the morning then chose to 80 degrees by the end of the week. for this weekend cooler air arrives but we are still in the 60s with a chance for a few showers, don. >> thank you very much. where are the current hassles
6:47 am
on the hurry up? here is sharp with wjz traffic control. >> good morning, don, there are a lot of hassles. watch for that one. a few more accidents to mention, phoenix, paper mill road, another in darlington, and in the city two accidents, east monument and also one on cherry hill road. 7 knife southbound slow owings mills boulevard to the beltway eight minutes at 32 miles per hour, on 95 southbound 31 minutes at 32 miles per hour, top and west side delays on the builtway, 29 miles per hour on the west side, there is a live look at that delay, that is the outer loop to the left. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer don and bernadette, good morning, and back over to you guys. >> thank you very much and this morning's coffee with guest is neal mccoy and the satellite
6:48 am
interview furnished by blaster records. >> ladies and gentlemen -- ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> -- okay. and the guy that is singing it is our guess right now, neal mccoy, actually welcome back to the eyewitness news morning edition. how is it going, neal? >> i am doing good this morning, marty, how are you doing? >> well you know it is all good. >> yeah. >> -- it really is, neal mccoy 12. it doesn't seem you have been around that long. >> it does to me, i appreciate you saying that, 12 albums, it is good, isn't it. >> yeah, i was noticing your hat. >> -- yes, sir -- >> -- paramount in your life. >> it is. i took my first trip years ago and made a decision then i am going to do whatever i can to let all our military folks, not just the ones in theater, been over there a lot but done a lot of bases here in the u.s. and
6:49 am
on ships let them know we appreciate what they are doing, sacrificing themselves for us and our country. >> did you have any inspiration from that? >> not directly, there is not one song that lends itself to that but it doesn't have to, they know that and i will give you the quick story, my mother is philippine, raised in the philippines and she instilled into us we should appreciate what we have over here and she did a great job for that and when we got into our adult years we want to do that and it is pretty simple. >> it is. you have a couple of heavyweights helping you
6:50 am
produce this. >> i know. isn't that crazy. >> everybody is familiar with blake from the voice, let me just bring up his picture on the computer real quick. there is blake right there. you have seen the show you know who he is. did you ever think you would do the voice at any point when you were recording this? >> i am sorry what -- >> -- voice when you were recording because here is blake and he is a character to begin with. >> oh, my god is he ever and like he is on the voice is how he is all the time. which is the great part, what you see is what you get and you like him and in the studio they could shock and jive with you and he could enter exercise that in the coaching aspect and say why don't you try this or that and they were terrific and when you get done you could go back to shucking and jiving but when it came time to work and
6:51 am
they worked and i like that because that is how i am. >> but everybody needs a producer. >> that's right. >> you need an ear out of the box to say hold on let's check that out. >> that's right, you sure do. >> how did they get involved? it is not like you were born yesterday. this is your 12th disk. how did they get involved. >> i haven't not had a record deal in six or 7 years and people said why did you wait so long. i had to, nobody was interested in signing me but blaster records contacted me and said we would like to talk to you but doing and album and started talking it over and said how would we get neal mccoy listeners to listen and i said i will get him to produce it and they said i bet you will and i said i bet you will too and i asked him if he could and
6:52 am
he said yeah and about a month after that he called me and said miranda would like to get involved and i said are you kidding me and to have blake involved is great but to have them is a big deal and it is simple they loved music and grew up listening to country music and listening to music and when i was doing well in the 90s they were listening to it and probably thought this guy is doing well and i think it is a case of -- of let's see if we can get him back up the charts where he belongs. >> i bet they say can you believe we are producing neal mccoy. unfortunately our time is running short. let me tell you short. i can't believe it took 6 years. thank you. >> i appreciate it matter. thank you. >> there it is 12, neal mccoy, going to take us to the break. first warning weather and more
6:53 am
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in that direction you will encounter problems, fog and warm. 50s to near 60, as we head through the afternoon again a chance for a shower or thunderstorm but we will top out at 73. now over to sharon. good morning. >> hi. good morning. the weather has had an effect on the commute. one accident there, and a new one there, accident in phoenix, and another one in darlington. a bunch in the city. looking at a bunch of delays as well, 795, 95 and the beltway. there is the beltway drive times and speeds. this traffic report is brought to you by ringling brothers and ban barn um and bailey circus. back over to you. >> stay with us, complete news, weather and
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